General Terms

We recognize the importance of protecting the privacy of personal information about our customers. Personal information includes all of the personally identifying information that is provided to us. We deeply respect the confidentiality principle and believe that protecting valuable personal/financial information is one of our greatest responsibilities. We have the following policies in place to protect your privacy. We collect, retain and use only the information about our customers that is required by law to administer our business and provide high-level services to our clients. We retain this in high-level no longer than necessary to meet these objectives. All transmitted credit card information is handled securely through digitally encrypted Secure Socket Layers (SSL) technology.

Spam Policy

Spam messages or emails are commercial messages, sent without the recipient’s permission. Also known as Junk email, an Email message is an undesired or unsolicited message that generally contains phishing links. These may include Malware or Trojans. Commercial email is defined as any electronic mail message whose primary purpose is the commercial advertisement or promotion of a product or service. Any email that is basically a commercial advertisement of a product or a service is called a Spam. If we send a commercial email to someone, without their prior permission, it is called a Spam. It is done particularly for the purpose of sending emails/messages to recipients, who have agreed & confirmed to receive them from you. This is nothing but Permission based Email Marketing. None such kind of commercial use is acceptable or permitted. Secondly, the non-commercial use of services is actually permitted. These may be mailing of transactional emails to individual recipients, who are related to you. We can immediately suspend or terminate your account if you Spam. Thus, we strictly support no-tolerance against Spam.