Per Server Management

Per Server Management plan as the name suggests, manages your server. Here, we will monitor your server 24×7, as to which all services are running on the server and also take care of the third party software installations. With this plan, you can ensure that the Server maintains the Uptime guarantee.

Basic Per Server Management

  • Initial Server Setup and Hardening(for new servers only)
  • Server Software Version Upgrades (PHP, Mysql, Apache)
  • Serverwide Security Tweaks
  • Apache recompilation with Advanced modules ( mod_deflate, mod_security etc.)
  • CloudFlare Module Installations
  • Litespeed Setup and Configurations
  • SSL Certificate Installations
  • Custom MX Record Setup
  • ClamAV Installation and Integration with Exim
  • System Updates applied as required
  • Service Optimization and Tweaks
  • Apache Security Tweaks & Performance Optimization
  • MySQL Optimization and Security Changes
  • Exim Optimization and System wide filter setups
  • Litespeed Optimization(if installed)

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Monitoring Services

  • Host monitoring using ping
  • HTTP Service Monitoring
  • Website URL monitoring(if needed)
  • Interval checks at 5-minute intervals
  • Service Email alerts (Critical, Recovery) after Reboots
  • Data center Communication via Emails or LiveChat for Reboots

Basic Server Security

  • Linux Security and Hardening
  • CSF Firewall Installation & configurations.
  • LFD Alerts on brute force attacks.
  • SMTP tweaking
  • PHP hardening
  • Mod_security Setup and configurations
  • Root login email alerts
  • Sysctl.conf Harderning

Additional Services

  • Server Migrations and Data Restoration.
  • Backup Restorations, Database restorations.
  • Disaster Recovery & Post Hack Recovery.
  • OS Recovery via KVM access.
  • Complete Data Restore from Backups
  • Complete Server Rebuild Help
  • Server Log Monitoring
  • Regular pruning of logs
  • Security Log Analysis


  • Cpanel Servers:$29 per month
  • Plain Linux Servers:$39 per month
  • Plesk Servers: $29 per month
  • Windows Servers: $35 per month