Cloud Server Management Solutions

Our Cloud Infrastructure and Server Management Solutions coverup diverse cloud platforms like OpenStack, CloudStack, OnApp, OpenNebula, Eucalyptus, Nimbus etc. With Cloud Set-up, we anchor designing, implementing, provisioning and managing your personal Cloud infrastructure. Managing storage is a primary and hardest role played by the cloud infrastructure. HostechSupport helps you to design and manage almost all kind of storage based technology for your cloud infrastructure at a reasonable cost. As a part of the CloudStack's ability to integrate with multiple storage solutions, you will also be able to target specific storage servers to be used for VM deployments. This can be extremely beneficial when you have storage servers built with commodity hardware to support on disk intensive applications and dedicate fast and robust hardware for disk-intensive applications such as databases. Our professionally skilled team of Cloud Server Managers delivers 24x7 monitoring and optimization with complete management for System, Storage, Network Cloud and Controller Nodes.

Cloud Server Management

OpenStack CloudStack OpenNebula Eucalyptus Amazon Web Services OnApp Nimbus

Solutions Insite

  • Pool Capacity Planning
  • VM Process Cycle Management
  • P2V Conversions
  • Work Load Management
  • VM Billing Management
  • VPS to Cloud Migrations
  • Automated VM Protection and recovery
  • High availability
  • Backup and Recover Management
  • Virtual Network Management